Plotting some big changes, some fun events, & a bold new show…

Hasler’s up the duff so things will be a little different for a while, but we’re taking it in our stride & using it as feist fodder! 💥

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Popped in to see Network at the National Theatre (BRYAN CRANSTON – YES) & spotted Fran & Leni still on the Recommends shelf – after a ruddy year! HOLY SMOKE!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.14.10


It was dead fun to return to some old characters for Damn Write.

Hasler added to her Katharine Hepburn piece from her one woman show Lady Bones by throwing some naughty Bette Davis into the mix, mainly because she likes making Mayhew say bad words. A lot of fun was had all round, and crumbs were there some cracking stories from our wonderful writers! Thanks to all who made the night such a success!

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Yo, bitches, witches, & queens! We’re bringing back our spanktacular storytelling evening Tales & Ales, but we’re renaming it DAMN WRITE, mainly because we want to (damn right – you heard us.)


This night of storytelling on the theme of Bitches, Witches & Queens will see brand new material from an eclectic bunch of authors, poets, performers, television scriptwriters, musicians and actors. If you ever came along to one of our sold out nights at The Alex, Clifftown Theatre, or Chalkwell Hall, you’ll know what a treat you’re in for.

We decided to tweak the name to Damn Write as it’s a bit sassier and we feel it encapsulates the spirit of the times. That spirit being: FUCK ALL THE DICKS.

We can’t wait to welcome both new and familiar faces and present a mixed bag of feisty, funny, inspiring, heartwarming, spine-chilling or generally Hell Yeah stories, all around the 5 minute mark.

Friday 8th December 8pm
Chalkwell Hall







Hooray! Pramkicker is on its travels again. 🚀

Not content with a cheeky little performance at the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC in September, the rights were requested for a Rome translation/production last week, & this week for a kick-ass production in Sydney!

Intercontinental funtimes! 🇺🇸🇮🇹

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 13.00.53


JUST IN: The rights have been requested to translate Pramkicker into Italian for a run in Rome! Mama mia!



We just had a most brilliant Away Day with top director Doug Rintoul at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch, hosted just for us. Lucky girls! We went through everything with a theatrical scalpel and have some very exciting ideas and plans. All hush-hush for now. Thank you so much, Doug!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 15.26.43      douglas rintoul1


Pramkicker is being performed at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC as part of the  Page-to-Stage Festival – part of the Kennedy Center’s Centennial Celebration of President John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday. Cool! Page-to-Stage puts an emphasis on Courage, one of the five ideals ascribed to President Kennedy. WE THINK COURAGE IS GREAT.



Lovely to hear that Bloomsbury have had to do yet another print run of Pramkicker! Here’s one facing out on the shelves of Waterstones Piccadilly!



JULY 2017 

Pretty darned excited to hit the road for our final three 2017 dates.

Catch us in Manchester and London

July 27/28  – Manchester Fringe  King’s Arms – Fran & Leni

August 1-6   – King’s Head LBGTQ Festival – Fran & Leni

August  21/24 – Camden Fringe – Camden People’s Theatre  – Pramkicker

Time Out thought Pramkicker was well worth a pimp


APRIL 2017 

Fran & Leni hit the ROAD. (We’ve snuck in some cheeky Pramkicker as well…)

supporting-image    IMG_0561

April 19  – Palace Theatre, Southend – Fran & Leni

April 22 – Palace Theatre, Southend – Pramkicker and Fran & Leni

May 3  – Norwich Arts Centre   Fran & Leni

May 17 – Colchester Arts Centre – Fran & Leni

May 25/26  – Brighton Fringe  Marlborough Theatre  – Fran & Leni

June 27 – Off Beat Festival  Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse  – Fran & Leni

July 27/28  – Manchester Fringe  King’s Arms – Fran & Leni

August 1-6   – King’s Head Theatre’s LGBTQ Festival – Fran & Leni

August  21/24 – Camden Fringe – Camden People’s Theatre  – Pramkicker


MARCH 2017 

International Women’s Day!

We celebrated the day with our pals at Metal Southend where we presented an open chat on the theme of The Invisible Woman, tackling questions such as Are we seen? Do we feel seen? Do we want to be seen? How do we want to be seen? And is being seen a power we gain then lose as we get older?

So many brilliant women came and spoke and shared. It was overwhelming to hear young and older voices conversing agreeing, advising and connecting.




We had a fabulous time at the VAULT Fest. Great atmosphere, brilliant space and a tech & FOH team that were ON IT.

And… we were Highly Commended. 💥

Image 14-03-2017 at 11.23




Following a sold out performance of Fran & Leni in our hometown premiering the music written for the play by Fi & Dave Dulake of Tuppenny Bunters, we’re getting ready for our run at Vault Festival 25-29th January, and programming our 2017 beyond.


Exciting news being kept under our hats!


Fran & Leni came home and enjoyed a sell out run at our beloved Railway, & combined it with a little book launch for the playscript!



AUGUST 2016 

Fran & Leni heads to Edinburgh.

So happy to be back at Assembly. This time we are in THE BOX. Every day 15:05.


Fran & Leni has been published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama


JULY 2016 

Fran & Leni premieres at LATITUDE 


MAY-JULY 2016 

Pramkicker is on TOUR.

Image 10-06-2016 at 19.41


May 2014 

We have started our Kickstarter video. It’s hard! that’s why we are so  blooming lucky to have the quite bonkersley talented Andy Delaney making filmy stuff with with us!


April 2014 

As part of the wonderful Escalator East to Edinburgh scheme we had to go to a swanky hotel to have some training, food, drink, and meet the other artists on the scheme. We may or may not have spilt some nail varnish on a carpet. (While here we also got booked for Latitude and squealed a bit.)

Swankyness in Suffolk. Old Trunk get their POSH ON! Hasler spilt some nail varnish on the carpet.

March 2014 


The Arts Council Gods have shined upon us!

We LOVE THE ARTS COUNCIL! We have celebrated with pink gin!

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This will now become our thing! Celebration = Pink Booze


March 2014 

More stories told by delicious people.


February 2014 

We have sent off our funding application. And now we wait…. and wait.

Meanwhile we carry on as usual and start our Edinburgh plans!

Ooo, also lets have some stories.

Make yourselves comfy for some Tales&Ales#3: Love & Filth! 

Love & Filth

January 2014 



December 2013

It’s Tales & Ales time… snuggle down and get all cosy in the Trunk.

A Winters tale


November 2013 

Oh my lordy!

We have only been selected to be part of the amazing Escalator East to Edinburgh Scheme.

We are very happy gals!

We might have something bubbly.


We had something bubbly!


October 2013 

Arts on the Road Tour with Sundown Arts.


Lady Bones
We went on a lovely tour of the Eastern region with a re-working of Sadie’s one woman show Lady Bones. This is Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath!


August 2013

No time to rest after Village Green; we are off to perform our new show The Secret Wives of Andy Williams at The Camden Fringe.

Update – We were awarded “Outstanding Show”

The Secret Wives of Andy Williams – Camden Fringe 2013

“It is rare in film, theatre or any art form to encounter a follow up show, a prequel or sequel that is as good if not better than the first. This unique occurrence has happened with Old Trunk and their new show.” – Fringe Review  



July 2013

What an amazing day July 13th was.

Phewy! What a day. Village Green saw 40,000 + visitors tripping (not literally) through the gates.  We ran the very first dedicated theatre tent and it was tightly packed all day with lovely audiences and with rather brilliant artists! We were entertained by Jigsaw, Colin Hoult, Two for Tea, Tiny Tales, Dirty Great Love Story, E15 and Giraffe, Oh and we previewed our new show and collaborated with the awesome The Lucky Strikes on a piece called The Vagabond Diaries.

And sleeeeeep!

That’s Nat from Jigsaw entertaining the lovely folk in our tent. Also look at our pretty tent.


June 2013

Old Trunk are delighted to be working hard to programme their theatre tent for Village Green. The date (Saturday 13th July 2013 ) is speeding towards us rapidly and we’re merrily toiling to make it an event to proud of.

Line up currently includes the wonderful critically acclaimed Radio 4 sketch group Jigsaw, & the National Theatre’s delightful comedy jazz duo Two For Tea. Other amazing acts to be confirmed very shortly!

Radio 4's brilliant Jigsaw Comedy
Radio 4’s brilliant Jigsaw Comedy

February 2013

We’ve just begun rehearsals for our new play The Secret Wives of Andy Williams! It’s the prequel to our last play, The Bastard Children of Remington Steele, and we’re blessed with a fantastic cast. Very excited about the next few months, and we’ll update you with all our news!


March 2013

Old Trunk were very proud to be invited by their MPs David Amess and James Duddridge to represent the arts scene of Southend at the House of Commons this year.
Old Trunk got invited by our MPs David Amess and James Duddridge to represent the arts scene of Southend at the House of Commons this year.

February 2013

The Bastard Children of Remington Steele was reprised for a sell out run at the Leicester Square Theatre…

Leicester Square Theatre – 2013 “proof that British fringe theatre is something that must be cherished…” – Jenny Eclair

“Guffaw out loud funny” – Jenny Eclair  

August 2012

Our first play “The Bastard Children of Remington Steele” won us 4 and 5 star reviews, and the coveted title Pick Of The Fringe for Camden Fringe Festival.

The Bastard Children of Remington Steele has a successful run at The Camden Fringe Festival

“It is consistently hilarious, sad and surprising & could become an absolute canon classic.” – Fringe Review


 August 2012 

Old Trunk is born. Hi!

historical birth, arched back, italy chidlbirth position, Witkowski


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